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COVID-19 Update

The District was notified that a student tested positive for COVID-19.  This positive case WILL NOT count towards the rolling 14-day count.  The high school student is 100% remote, is not actively involved in an extracurricular activity at the moment, and does not attend ICTC.  As a result, we will continue to stay open under the current model.
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COVID-19 Update - Eisenhower & two remote students

The District was notified of an employee at Eisenhower Elementary who tested positive for COVID019.  This positive case WILL count towards the rolling 14-day count.  Additionally, two students who are 100% remote are presumed positive.  One of the students attends the junior high and the other attends the senior high.  These two cases will NOT count against us as they are both 100% remote and have not been in the buildings.
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Winter Sports Update - No Spectators Allowed at Events

Due to the more strict limits on the number of individuals allowed at events specified in the Governor’s order on November 23, 2020 (reduced to 10% capacity including the event participants) and the high levels of community spread, no spectators will be allowed to attend any IASD home indoor events.
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COVID-19 Update - Jr. High

The District was notified of an ARIN staff member who has tested positive with COVID-19.  This individual works at the junior high school.  This positive case WILL count towards the rolling 14-day count.
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Winter Concert

We are pleased to present this product of the students' musical work this semester! Despite our inability to rehearse or perform as a large group, the students have been learning and practicing this holiday song, as well as becoming proficient on a new music production software program: Soundtrap. With this program, we were able to incorporate in a single project the contributions of many students who are both at home and in our buildings, while also elevating their roles from merely being performing artists to being recording artists.
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