COVID-19 Update Masking Update

Dear Families, 

As many of you know, the PA Supreme Court ruled the Department of Health’s mask mandate to be unconstitutional and as such, it has ended effective immediately.  As a result, our local plan will go back into effect as of Saturday, December 12, 2021. This includes the provision that masking is a family choice for their students while inside the school buildings.  However, it is important to understand that the Court's decision does not apply to busing.  

Because the transportation of students is governed by Federal law, all students, staff, and drivers on school buses are still required to be masked. Respectfully, your cooperation in this matter is required if you plan to use District transportation. If you do not want your child to wear a mask on the bus, please provide the District with a medical excuse, on letterhead, from your child(ren)’s physician or you can elect to transport your child(ren) to school.

As of this moment, the mask mandate is lifted in schools, but with the holiday season fast approaching, we are asking all members of our community to continue wearing masks until the holiday break begins on Tuesday, December 22, 2021.  This will allow the families with immunocompromised members and other health concerns time to get their children fully vaccinated.  We understand that this is now every family's choice and that there is no requirement. But we are respectfully requesting that we pull together as we always have to help protect those in need.  You have been incredible in providing grace, compassion, and flexibility during these unprecedented times, and we are so grateful for all you have done and will continue to do to make our community one of the best.  We are simply asking for seven more days of that community spirit, compassion, and consideration.

We are also deeply concerned over the number of quarantines the District has been faced with over the past several months, and it would break my heart to see families be quarantined over the holiday break. Continued masking will still limit the number of students who would face quarantines. Again, this is your choice and we are not trying to overstep. These last seven school days before the break will simply provide those families the additional three weeks of time they need in order for their children to become fully vaccinated.  

We are currently working with our advisors, the Department of Health, and the Department of Education in examining our local Health and Safety Plan to determine what can be done to limit the number of quarantines for asymptomatic students and staff.  Once we reach a final decision, we will be sure to communicate with all of our families accordingly.

In summary for Monday:

  • We are asking all members of our community to wear masks for one additional week to protect those in need, but there is no longer a requirement.
  • Masks are still required on all public transportation including school buses.
  • We will revert to our original health and safety plan.
  • More information will follow

In closing, the past two years have been incredibly difficult for so many families and this upcoming break is an excellent time for all of us to reconnect, recharge, and relax.  Like many of you, I look forward to spending time with my family and loved ones. I also look forward to taking time to forget about the daily struggles and challenges we have been presented with during the pandemic and enjoy each other’s company.  Please understand that I just want to make sure that you all can enjoy the time together and not worry about quarantines.  We will continue to work together through these turbulent times and we will meet the moment.  I will never know what each of our families has had to endure over the past two years and I realize this has been tough on all of us.  Please know that we will do all that we can to keep our staff and students safe and our schools open five days a week.  We are respectfully asking for your help in complying with these measures, as we believe in-person learning is best for the large majority of our student population. 

All the best,


Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

Superintendent of Schools