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IASD Spectators at Spring Sports

Families and Members of the Community:


We are happy to announce that we will be able to allow spectators at all Spring Sporting events.  This is possible for several reasons:

  1. Governor Wolf is relaxing the restrictions on spectators at events.  Currently 20% of the venue capacity for outdoor events, the limit is scheduled to be raised to 50% on April 4th if the situation improves. We are required to follow whatever the established capacity limits are at the time of any event, and will continue to comply. 
  2. Because these events take place outdoors, we can allow more spectators.
  3. Because the outdoor venues are larger than our gymnasium, we can allow more spectators.


Please remember that social distancing of at least six feet must be maintained at all times between spectators who are from different households, and that face coverings must be worn at any time that distance cannot be maintained.  It is important to clarify that the recent change by the CDC to three feet of social distance applies only to students in the classroom setting.  At all other times, six feet is still the minimum recommended distance. 


Lacrosse, Rugby, Spring Youth Soccer, and all other event spectators at Andy Kuzneski Field in the 5th street Stadium will use the stadium bleachers, which should provide plenty of space for social distancing. Please remember to wear an appropriate face covering when entering, exiting, or moving throughout the stadium, and stay at least six feet away from anyone outside your household.


Softball, Baseball, and Tennis take place on White Township properties.  Please make yourself aware of any additional requirements the event host might have in place, and adhere to all spectator rules.  These events are still IASD events as well, and all safety protocols outlined in our Athletic and Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan must be followed. We thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance.  Only by working together will we be able to continue to offer these activities. 


Track and Field events held at IASHS will allow spectators, however, to allow for social distancing and to maximize the number of spectators allowed at the event, we are asking that all those attending remain outside the perimeter fencing surrounding the track.  This will relieve any crowding that could occur at the bottleneck near the entrance and should provide plenty of space for spectators.  We ask that you come prepared with your own portable chair. Spectators who have special needs will be allowed into the track area.  We ask only that you reach out ahead of time so we can make the proper arrangements to avoid any confusion or undue stress. Please see the diagram included below for more details.


Prom is still being vetted by the Student Government Association. They are exploring the options, but with the limitations on gatherings and social distancing requirements, and masking mandates, those options appear to be quite limited.  They (SGA) will be communicating soon as to what the final determination is for Prom.


Graduation is being planned, and we are very optimistic that we will be able to hold a graduation event this Spring.  The details are not finalized, and again we will be limited by capacity restrictions set forth by the Governor and venue, but we are looking forward to what we expect will be a great event for our graduating Seniors!


Again, we thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding. We hope that with this Spring season comes the beginning of the end of this pandemic.  We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events! 



Click here to view the plan for attendance at track events.


IASD Administration