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COVID-19 Update - Eisenhower & two remote students

January 15, 2021

Dear Families:  

The District was notified of an employee at Eisenhower Elementary who tested positive for COVID019.  This positive case WILL count towards the rolling 14-day count.  Additionally, two students who are 100% remote are presumed positive.  One of the students attends the junior high and the other attends the senior high.  These two cases will NOT count against us as they are both 100% remote and have not been in the buildings.  See below for the current case numbers at each building as of this morning.  

  • Senior High - 0 active cases 
  • Jr. High - 3 active cases 
  • Eisenhower - 1 active cases
  • Horace Mann - 0 active cases
  • Ben Franklin - 0 active cases
  • East Pike - 0 active cases

As a reminder, the first case at the Junior High is expected to be off the 14-day count on 1-20-21.  The second case would be removed on 1-22-21. The third case would be removed on 1-20-21.  The case at Eisenhower would be removed on the 26th of January.  The 14-day clock starts at the onset of symptoms, not when the District is informed of the test results.  In alignment with our Health and Safety Plan, as well as the attestation that the District signed, we are able to remain open.  

As always, the number of confirmed cases can change at any time.  Many experts have predicted that January could be a difficult month in regard to the pandemic. Thus, we are asking families to be prepared in case a switch to 100% remote learning is required.  We are approaching the required number of cases that would necessitate a closure at the Junior High.   As per the District’s attestation, we would close once we get between 2-4 cases.  We understand the terrible inconvenience a closure causes our families; however, we have a responsibility to make you aware of the possibility.  My goal is not to cause panic, rather it is to help make you aware of the current situation in case the District needs to make a change rather quickly.  




Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

IASD Superintendent