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COVID-19 Update - Jr. and Sr. High

December 9, 2020

Dear Families:  

The Indiana Area School District was notified last evening that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Senior High and that this case would count against our caseload for remaining open.  Additionally, a full-time synchronous student at the Jr. High has also tested positive.  This case will not count against our caseload, as the student has not been in the building because they are receiving 100% synchronous (online) instruction.

I am disappointed that the case at the Senior High School counts against us because the individual came into school to prepare plans and left the building before the arrival of the students; however, we agreed to adhere to the Department of Health’s recommendations and directives and we will continue to do such.  The DOH informed us that even though the incident is “low risk,” it would still count against us.  As a result, we have 1 active case in the entire District and this case goes against the Senior High’s caseload.  

We will continue to remain open, as we are in alignment with the District’s Health and Safety Plan as well as the attestation I signed which indicated we would close once we have 2-4 cases in a particular building.  As previously mentioned, the High School is the only building with an active case that is attributed to our caseload at this current time.  The closure we conducted around the Thanksgiving break absolutely worked and allowed us to start with no active cases as it relates to the closing of our buildings.   As you know, our situation can change in a matter of minutes and we will be sure to keep you posted.  




Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

IASD Superintendent