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COVID-19 Update - Multiple Cases Over the Closure

December 7, 2020

Dear Families:  

The District was notified today of several additional positive COVID-19 cases, all regarding students:  a probable positive at Horace Mann and at the Senior High and three positive cases at the Junior High.  It is our understanding that since the confirmed cases occurred over the closure, no additional staff/students will need to be quarantined and that the cases do NOT count towards our total count in determining whether or not we stay open as per the signed attestation we submitted.  The signed attestation is accessible via the District website.  This signed attestation allows us to return to in-person instruction while in the “substantial” category by agreeing to adhere to the following:

  1. The Department of Health’s extended facial covering mandate.
  2. Closure of school(s) based on the number of cases we encounter by the individual school.

I want to prepare families for possible additional closures based on the number of cases, by building, the District encounters.  Additionally, our ability to remain open also depends on our ability to staff our classrooms.  Closures could occur as a result of our inability to staff our buildings due to sickness.  As of now, we are not at that point and I am extremely blessed to have an amazing group of educators, school nurses, and support staff.  They have worked relentlessly to do all they can to support our families during these turbulent times.  

My goal is not to upset you or cause panic; rather, my intent is to be clear that by reopening and signing the attestation, it is inevitable we will encounter more cases and this could result in additional closures.  I fully expect a surge in cases as a result of the holiday season and continual increases in community spread numbers.  Now, more than ever, your continued grace and compassion is needed.  




Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

IASD Superintendent