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VPA & Mask Breaks at Elementary Schools

November 11, 2020

Dear Families:  


Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in Indiana County, masks will now be required for the 30 minute VPA time period starting on Monday, November 16.  Hopefully, this will give families time to adjust accordingly as well as give each school enough time to communicate the change to the students.  

VPA/recess is considered a “risky” time due to children running, screaming, and playing on the playground while not wearing a facial covering.  Students will continue to receive socially distanced mask breaks throughout the school day. In fact, many students have been quarantined by the Department of Health as a result of not wearing a mask during VPA/recess.  Mask breaks during VPA/recess will be revisited at a later date when community transmission rates decrease. 

Students that wish to distance more than 6 feet from other individuals and engage in vigorous activity can remove their masks while they are distanced from other individuals. Before a student enters within 6-foot proximity to another person their mask must immediately be placed over their mouth and nose.  We do recognize the importance of VPA for your child. We want them to enjoy this time safely.  Please note that teachers will still be able to take their own class outside throughout the day and give their students a socially distanced mask break.

Thank you,


Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

Superintendent of Schools