Power Outage

Attention parents:

There is currently a power outage affecting East Pike, the Junior High (Eisenhower), and the Senior High. The issue has not been resolved in time to feed all students. Consequently, we are dismissing all Junior High and Senior High students at noon but are retaining the Eisenhower and East Pike students. We are able to provide alternative meals and innovative instructional activities to these younger students until the power is restored. They will be fed and kept safe, they have access to water and our restrooms are working. We do not want to dismiss young students when parents and guardians may not be able to be home to receive them. However, any parent who wishes to pick up their child may make arrangements to do so by calling their child's school. 

Please know that we exhausted all options to keep all students in school but reached a point where we only have enough prepared food to feed a portion of the student body. Even if the power is restored soon, we have reached a point where we will not be able to serve all of our students. We are making the decision based on student safety, dismissing those students who are capable of self care, while keeping the younger students to ensure their safety. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will continue to work with PENELEC to monitor the situation and will let you know if the situation reaches a point where we must also dismiss our elementary students. 

To be clear - only the Junior High and Senior High students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. All other students in all other schools will be kept safe in their buildings. 

Thank for your understanding and cooperation.